Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scarecrow Festival!

Today we ventured out to Thanksgiving Point for the kick off to Fall Break! Thanks to Grandma Deb:) The kids had an absolute ball.....I just wish I would've felt better. I still have no energy and pushing Dax in the dumb umbrella stroller through the grass kicked my butt. Just when you think you might be getting in shape, you get sick and it all goes downhill after that....oh well! All that really matters is the kids had fun!! And the best part (NOT) I brought my camera to take all those cute pics and after I had taken lots of cute ones....I realized that my memory card was not in my camera, but at home in my computer!!!! And apparently my camera doesn't have any memory of it's own so the only pics I got were the ones my sister took. Gosh Dang it!! I hate it when that happens! They had tons of fun things for the kids to do like face painting, rock climbing, train riding, game playing, bum sliding, bounce house jumping, people dancing, boutique shopping and yummy eating.....a plethera of fun!!! And to end our fun day (of coarse my favorite part) lunch at Chili's...Yum!!
The weather turned out to be couldn't have been better. Thanks Grandma, Kim and Hagen (and Grandma Lori) for yet another fun day! We always love when we get to spend time with them!
Happy Fall Break!!!
Now what are we going to do tomorrow???

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sick kids

3 very cute but very sick kids!!! It doesn't happen very often that all of your kids get sick at the very same time! That especially rings true at our house because none of my kids get sick very often and today......all 3 of them!

Dax has been sick for about 3 days with a fever, runny nose and cough. I hate to admit it:) I love it! All day Monday he was so huggable, lovable and unbelievably cuddly!! How could a mom not love that??? Cuz normally he is much to busy to be doing any of that! However his newest favorite is giving "Bones" and he will drop just about anything he is doing to give you bones, but don't even think about asking for a kiss, it goes in one ear and out the other meaning:) No way!! He is pretty dang good about ignoring you if he wants to! Little stink!

And Walker fell asleep about 7:00 last night. I thought it was because he is always going a hundred miles a minute and once he finally sits still for 2 seconds he falls asleep, but I think I was wrong. He woke up in the middle of the night coughing with a runny nose. He (along with Avorie) was up most of the night. And this morning he asked to get in the bathtub because he was cold and the next thing I know he is crying saying he just threw up in the bath. When he got out of the tub, he was as white as a ghost and he kept telling me his eyes and his belly hurt. Weird.....his eyes?? He has never said that before. I looked at his eyes and they look like he has been swimming in a chlorinated pool all day long.

Miss Avorie came home from dance last night and immediately went for her blanket because she said she was freezing. She sat up to eat dinner and got the shivers and said she wasn't hungry. I knew something was wrong when Walker asked if we could go to Yogurt Bliss for family night and Avorie said she didn't want to go. (She begs every single day to go Yogurt Bliss) So when I said I have a bad feeling about this and felt her head to find out she had a temperature suddenly she said she was just fine and she would love to go to Yorgurt Bliss and get some icecream, but she didn't want any toppings.....she didn't feel like eating candy! Oh yeah, I knew something was wrong, and I sent her to her bed to lay down. She didn't fight me, and the next thing I knew she was out like a light:) until 3 AM that is. She woke me and asked if she could have a bath in my tub. And she stayed awake the rest of the night. This morning when I went in her room she tried so hard to act like she was feeling fine because she wanted to go to school. I tried to explain to her if she went to school she would pass it to more kids and it would get spread all over. Thank goodness she finally admitted to her belly hurting and decided it would be a good idea for her to get back in her bed.

All 3 fast asleep in their beds......what do I do????

BLOG! Clean, make treats...whatever I want!

10th Anniversary

October 4, 2009

It's been 10 years since that awesome first date of ours! Thanks again Marla:) who actually asked me out that day for Morgan. Somebody knew it was meant to be and she wasn't giving up! Now look at us 10 years and 3 beautiful kids later!!! Happily ever after!!!

Made ya think....?

Ha Ha! If you read my last 3 posts... the titles go as follows!

Oh My!
It's Official!!!
Our New Addition!

If you didn't know any better, you just might think.........

Not even close people! Nice Try!

But it sure sounded pretty good:)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our New Addition!

"Billie" & "Hoofs" the goats....the newest additions to our family!!!

Yes, your eyes do not decieve you....goats! We have two pet goats! Most people (at least those who don't live on a farm) have animals like cats, or dogs, maybe even fish, but Morgan thought it would be fun for our kids to raise a goat! As you can imagine, there is never a dull moment at our house!!!

The kids thought that this was the greatest idea ever:) they were so stinking excited! They walked them around for hours, had to show all the neighbors, and every chance they could get they were out checking on them making sure they weren't cold, or if they needed a drink, some food or a even blanket. I guess it will be good for them to have to take care of something because our dang gold fish we caught in the fish pond at the ward party a few months ago (I thought wouldn't last for more than a week) I am now taking care of daily. They have actually become my little friends. I notice them watching me especially when they are hungry. They stick their cute little noses up to the glass and wait for me to notice so I will feed them. So since I take care of our fish, Morgan and the kids are in charge of the goats. For those of you who are wondering where in the world we are keeping those goats.......yep, as WT as it is, they are tied up in our backyard!! The Evans Family Farm......our petting zoo:) Come on over!

As if that isn't funny enough, Morgan thought it would be great to give one of the goats to Matt & Mick for their birthdays!! So we tied a big bow around it's neck and delivered it to the party!! Matt, being the animal lover that he is, I thought would freak out, but he actually thought it was pretty dang funny! ......And it was hilarious!!!

In case you can't tell, Matt's got the goat ready for a ride in his saddle bag! He found a new best friend! And now Mason wants to know when he gets his goat for his birthday???? Ha Ha! Look what we started??

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Official!!!

I am now officially NOT the owner of Urban Retreat Salon!!! I was scared this day would never come! Talk about soooo exciting:) Time to celebrate!!!

Now..... what to do with the money????

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh My!

Somebody stop me!!! I just can't seem to stop eating today! You know those days when you just can't get enough......junk, that is! I have eaten way more than my fair share of calories! And I still want more. Honestly, I have eaten a half of loaf of bread (the only thing I have going there for me least it's wheat) but it's smothered in butter and homemade strawberry jam, half a slice of chocolate cake from Magelby''s rumored to have roughly 12-1300 calories in one slice (and don't you worry just last night I had the other half of that cake) add that up! That in itself holds just about the amount of calories you should have in a whole day.....let alone one slice of cake that takes roughly 5 minutes to eat. What about the rest of the day people?? Then for dinner we had breakfast including stuffed french toast, bacon and eggs. Somewhere in between I managed to have a handful of peanut butter M&M's, penny candy, a warm chocolate chip cookie, a fresh peach shake with oreos, and don't forget about my daily Dr. Pepper. I didn't know one person could fit so many sweets in in one day and not be totally sick, and the sad thing is.....I could still eat more! If I don't give up this habit soon, Morgan will be lifting me out of bed with a crane......either that or I'm bound to have some sort of health problem! Maybe I should just stop while I'm ahead of the game! Tomorrow's a new day, right? I'll be up and running at least I have that going for me! Good night!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Walker's First Day of Preschool

41/2 years old

My little Walker on his first day of his second year of preschool with Miss Natti!! Maybe I'm just a little biased, but I'm pretty sure he could pose for a cute Gap commercial or something fun!!! He has such a personality....I'm still not sure most days what to do with him, but he sure holds a special place in my heart!!!! And that I know for sure!!!!

Good Luck buddy!! Or should I say Good Luck Natti???

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School!!

2nd Grade

Yay!!! Oops! Did I say that out loud??? It's ok, Avorie is soooo excited she can't stand it! So it's ok that I'm a little excited, right??? It's just it's a whole lot quieter around here when they aren't fighting with each other because they are bored out of their minds! Don't get me wrong.....summer is a great break and I love it, but I also look forward to being back on some sort of a schedule! So let me get a woop-woop to the new school year!!!
Avorie and Parker somehow made it into the same class again this year!! We are so excited for that! They have the cutest little teacher, Miss Guymon. We are going to miss Mrs. Bird, but I think we're on track for another great year!

I do have to say I am really going to miss having Avorie around all the time. Not only is she a great helper with Dax....she has found a new love this summer:) CLEANING!!!! You heard me right! She absolutey loves to clean and organize! She could be lost for hours and I would find her knee deep in toys downstairs happily reorganizing the bins, or scrubbing the bathrooms, or cleaning out her closet and drawers. It's a mother's dream come true!!! A child that loves a clean house!! I thought it was only a stage she was going through, but so far it's lasted all summer and into the first week of school! She is me!!! I love that I have a helper to help keep this house in order!!! Thanks Ave for helping me out!! I appreciate and love you very much!!!

You know you're getting old.....

......when you're only weeks away from you're 30th birthday, and when you are sitting in sacrament meeting and your darling, sweet 7 year old turns to you and asks, "Mom, can I draw a picture of you?" I say sure! (not knowing what was coming!!) She gets her paper all ready and draws a circle (my face) and then turns to stare at me. After a few seconds she looks back down at her paper and says, "Mmm....I need to draw some lines on your forehead." Yep!!! Not my eyes, nose or mouth, the wrinkles on my forehead. Sad, but true, even my 7 year old is noticing my age!!!! What next???

Saturday, August 15, 2009

5-6-7-8 Everybody get your dancing shoes on!!

Forever Dancing

This summer our darling little neighbor girls did a summertime dance class for all the little girls in our neighborhood. They had class every Thursday morning throughout the summer, and today they had a little recital at the church. They even made cute little costumes for the girls to wear. I would say they went the extra mile!!! It was absolutely adorable!!!! They did such a good job!! Thanks girls for all that you did!!

They danced to Taylor Swift's "Our Song", Tim McGraw's "I Like it I Love it", and Miley Cyrus' "Icecream Freeze". Avorie spent hours practicing in her room, and even taught Paisley all her dance moves!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Monkey

One of Daxton's new favorite past times is climbing and weaving through the chairs underneath the table. He loves it, but sometimes he gets high centered and it tends to make him a little mad! I just laugh and know that he'll find his way through eventually!

My favorite part:) It will keep him entertained for hours! Yipee!!

Notice the nice raspberry on his forehead! He took his first head dive out of the stroller while it was being pushed full force down a hill by guess who........? You guessed it! WALKER!!! He better be one tough kid if he ever plans on surviving his big brother!!! All the luck buddy!

Friday, July 24, 2009

24th of July:) aka Pioneer Day!

Warning:) This post could get a bit graphic! Proceed with caution!

Traditions, traditions, and more traditions!!! Who doesn't love them??? It's what making memories is all about!! I absolutely love it!! July is one of my most favorite months in the year, not to mention red, white & blue and watermelon, too!!! This year, like most, we start off the week with the rodeo, actually not true, we usually kick the week off with the carnival, but this year my darling little nephew, Mason, was riding a sheep in the rodeo on the firt night so we chose to go there instead to watch him hold on for dear life!!! It was great! Good job, Mas! The kids always seem to love the rodeo, and let's be honest, so do I!! I've been almost every single year I can ever remember! I love to go and see all the people I haven't seen forever, it's like old home week, and it brings back so many memories!

The Grand Parade!! This year instead of sitting in front of Zions Bank, we joined Matt & Ro down by Western States!! It was great, you could see things so much better. I think we'll be joining them from now on, if they'll let us!! After all the floats, ball teams, fire trucks, and tractors were thru, we went to carnival to ride a few rides!! This year Avorie thought she would be all brave and ride all the spinning rides, and 1/2 way thru the third one all the excitement began to wear off, and the sickness began to set in!! She didn't look so hot when she finally got off the Berry-go-Round, and in the car on the way home.....she lost her breakfast!!! Right on the seat!! Ooooh Gross!!!! But soon after that, she was right back to normal; however, I don't know if she'll do that again next year, or ever!!! Poor Avorie!

Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

After we got home and she had a nice glass of water, she was a new kid and we were off to eat at the Mexican Resturant, Mi Rancherito! Another tradition we have going on. Yummy!! I practically licked my plate clean, and yes, I was sick, but I couldn't stop myself. It was way too good! And don't anybody worry when we got to Aunt Ro's that night I wasn't the least bit hungry, but who can resist yummy steak & everything sandwiches, watermelon, sausage dip, and homemade strawberry icecream guessed it, I stuffed my face again!!! Thanks to food, it makes everything wonderful!!! The kids didn't care much for eating, they were way more excited about the dunk tank! Too bad it started to rain!!! Dumb weather ruins all the fun!! The night went out with a bang....literally!! Morgan and I love to watch the fireworks, so would the kids if they could ever keep their eyes open long enough to see them!!

We went out last night.....

Kenny Chesney

One thing started leading to another......out last night.....Go Kenny!!!! Last night we went to the Kenny Chesney concert with Matt & Rochelle. Way awesome, of coarse! I had so much fun singing and dancing! Thanks to Morgan for being such a good sport singing and dancing right along beside me cause heaven knows he would've rather been doing something else....anything else, but he humored me and at least acted like he was having a good time. What a good sport!! That is why I love him, well.... one of the many!! You know what I love about concerts??? It's that even though I can't sing a note to save my life, I can sing my little heart out and it's so loud no one can even hear me. Either that or they just don't care. Either way, it's great!!! I had a great time! Thanks Morgan for thinking about me (again) and taking me out last night!!!!

Oh my!! Kenny has been one of my personal favorites for years now.....those of you who don't like him...well, let's just say you're crazy!!!! He is so much fun in concert! We only sat down once for about 1/2 a song. The rest of the time we were on our feet dancing and singing!!! It was awesome!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thank Goodness for Grandma's!

Grandma to the rescue......again!!!

Yesterday, Grandma Deb took my kids and spent the day hanging out with them, which left me kidless for almost 10 hours....NICE!!!! She took them to see "Ice Age" in 3D, then she took them on a little hike up Payson Canyon to the Grotto, and then she came to pick up Dax and they ate lunch at McDonald's and spent the rest of the day at Grandma's house. Meanwhile, Morgan and I had the day all to was a little piece of heaven and a much needed break!! Thanks Mom, I love you!! So do my kids, they think you are GREAT!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


4th of July!!!!

4th of July just so happens to be one of our favorite holidays! It just might be the look on the kids faces as they parade their way around the island, or the smell of a hamburger sizzling on the grill, the air after a fresh rain shower, or the juicy, sweet red watermelon, the taste of homemade icecream, or the sound of fireworks booming and lighting up the sky, but whatever it makes me smile and appreciate all the little things in life I get to enjoy!!! Island Park! What a beautiful place! We are so lucky we get to go each year to spend nearly 2 whole weeks relaxing, eating, watching movies, boating, eating some more, scrapbooking, exercising, playing games, visiting, oh and did I mention eating!!! Not even kidding! I mentioned exercising because if we didn't after eating all that homemade icecream and raspberry pie every night (among everything else) we just might roll home, and that is not our goal!!!!'s absolutly, positively without a doubt our families very favorite tradition we have, and we are so grateful to have the oppertunity to enjoy the cabin. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Walker!!!

Evans Family Olympics!
We split up into our own little families and had a little competitive game of the olympics! I can't say there wasn't a little, tiny bit of cheating going on, but what fun would it be if Morgan was on his best behavior??? It's just not in his nature to play fair, and lose.......especially to his brothers!! Not a chance!! We all got a good laugh out of it...let's be honest, we'll never forget that video!! I think I almost peed my pants!! Thanks for keeping us on our toes, babe!!

The mighty hula hoop contest!! You would've paid to see this! It was great! Just take a good look at them!?!

Avorie in all her garb for the olympics! Goooo Avorie!

We all had way too much fun for our own good! I am so blessed to have such wonderful inlaws! It's a dang good thing we all like each other so much because we have spent an awful lot of time together this summer, and I wouldn't change one single minute!! Thanks guys, I love you!!!

Happy 7th Birthday, Avorie!!

June 24, 2009

Oh my gosh, it's really happening. My baby girl is turning 7 years old!!! Wow!! She is litterally growing up right before my eyes!!!

This year was very different than other years for Avorie. She is my child that gets excited over weird things like going to the park, or losing a tooth. Not that those things aren't exciting, it's just when it comes to the normally super exciting holidays such as birthdays and even Christmas, she doesn't get too worked up over them.......until this year!! She was sooooo excited for her birthday, I didn't know if she would actually make it to that day without going crazy, (well, actually, let me rephrase that. I'm not sure I would make it to that day without going crazy!!!!) She was so excited she couldn't stop talking about it or asking when she could hand out her invitations. Handing out the invitations bit started um.......let me think........6 months ago!!! And I'm not kidding!! We been at this for months!! But I am sooooo glad she was finally excited about her birthday! It made me smile even though their were days I wanted to rip my hair out! J/K! You only get a birthday once a year, it should be that exciting!!! Maybe we'll start planning this next one here shortly!!!!! And we'll have 9 months to get ready! HaHa!!
I remember when I was little my mom used to sneak in my room after I had gone to sleep to decorate so when I woke up on my birthday my room was all decked out!! I loved this year I started the tradition at our house. And I didn't even get a picture of it (what's wrong with me???) but I did get picture of the table I had all ready for her.....presents, cake and all! She loved it all......especially all the attention on her for her special day!! Morgan made her her favorite breakfast (Alien pancakes, thanks Denny's and Thanks Dad!!!)
Avorie gets to share her special day with her best friend, Parker!!! They were born on the same day, and they think it is just great to have the same birthday! And I have to agree! It's not very often you share a birthday with your very best friend!!! Lucky!!! This year we invited all the girls to our house and had cupcakes and opened presents, and Parker invited all the boys to his house and did the same, and we all met at the movies and watched "Up"! It was a darling show and the kids loved it! We had the whole theater to ourselves!! Way fun!!! Later that night we invited all the family over for tacos, cake & icecream, and a whole lotta fun!!! Avorie was spoiled rotten, of course, and she loved every minute of it!!!!
Happy Birthday Avorie!!! We love you!!!
Since I forgot to get picture of everything she got, I have to make a list:
A brand new pink bike
Disney Sing it (Wii game)
High School Musical 3 Dance (Wii game)
Taylor Swift CD's (Currently her favorite singer)
Hannah Montana Movie Soundtrack (also a favorite)
Jewelry, clothes and shoes (loved them! also a sign she is growing up)
Purses filled with makeup, sunglasses, and fun stuff (which she can't leave home without!)
A new swimming suit and matching beach towel, flip flops, and water bottle
Hannah Montana Design Center (Watch out Hannah, Avorie will have her very own clothing line)