Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Monkey

One of Daxton's new favorite past times is climbing and weaving through the chairs underneath the table. He loves it, but sometimes he gets high centered and it tends to make him a little mad! I just laugh and know that he'll find his way through eventually!

My favorite part:) It will keep him entertained for hours! Yipee!!

Notice the nice raspberry on his forehead! He took his first head dive out of the stroller while it was being pushed full force down a hill by guess who........? You guessed it! WALKER!!! He better be one tough kid if he ever plans on surviving his big brother!!! All the luck buddy!

Friday, July 24, 2009

24th of July:) aka Pioneer Day!

Warning:) This post could get a bit graphic! Proceed with caution!

Traditions, traditions, and more traditions!!! Who doesn't love them??? It's what making memories is all about!! I absolutely love it!! July is one of my most favorite months in the year, not to mention red, white & blue and watermelon, too!!! This year, like most, we start off the week with the rodeo, actually not true, we usually kick the week off with the carnival, but this year my darling little nephew, Mason, was riding a sheep in the rodeo on the firt night so we chose to go there instead to watch him hold on for dear life!!! It was great! Good job, Mas! The kids always seem to love the rodeo, and let's be honest, so do I!! I've been almost every single year I can ever remember! I love to go and see all the people I haven't seen forever, it's like old home week, and it brings back so many memories!

The Grand Parade!! This year instead of sitting in front of Zions Bank, we joined Matt & Ro down by Western States!! It was great, you could see things so much better. I think we'll be joining them from now on, if they'll let us!! After all the floats, ball teams, fire trucks, and tractors were thru, we went to carnival to ride a few rides!! This year Avorie thought she would be all brave and ride all the spinning rides, and 1/2 way thru the third one all the excitement began to wear off, and the sickness began to set in!! She didn't look so hot when she finally got off the Berry-go-Round, and in the car on the way home.....she lost her breakfast!!! Right on the seat!! Ooooh Gross!!!! But soon after that, she was right back to normal; however, I don't know if she'll do that again next year, or ever!!! Poor Avorie!

Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

After we got home and she had a nice glass of water, she was a new kid and we were off to eat at the Mexican Resturant, Mi Rancherito! Another tradition we have going on. Yummy!! I practically licked my plate clean, and yes, I was sick, but I couldn't stop myself. It was way too good! And don't anybody worry when we got to Aunt Ro's that night I wasn't the least bit hungry, but who can resist yummy steak & everything sandwiches, watermelon, sausage dip, and homemade strawberry icecream so.......you guessed it, I stuffed my face again!!! Thanks to food, it makes everything wonderful!!! The kids didn't care much for eating, they were way more excited about the dunk tank! Too bad it started to rain!!! Dumb weather ruins all the fun!! The night went out with a bang....literally!! Morgan and I love to watch the fireworks, so would the kids if they could ever keep their eyes open long enough to see them!!

We went out last night.....

Kenny Chesney

One thing started leading to another......out last night.....Go Kenny!!!! Last night we went to the Kenny Chesney concert with Matt & Rochelle. Way awesome, of coarse! I had so much fun singing and dancing! Thanks to Morgan for being such a good sport singing and dancing right along beside me cause heaven knows he would've rather been doing something else....anything else, but he humored me and at least acted like he was having a good time. What a good sport!! That is why I love him, well.... one of the many!! You know what I love about concerts??? It's that even though I can't sing a note to save my life, I can sing my little heart out and it's so loud no one can even hear me. Either that or they just don't care. Either way, it's great!!! I had a great time! Thanks Morgan for thinking about me (again) and taking me out last night!!!!

Oh my!! Kenny has been one of my personal favorites for years now.....those of you who don't like him...well, let's just say you're crazy!!!! He is so much fun in concert! We only sat down once for about 1/2 a song. The rest of the time we were on our feet dancing and singing!!! It was awesome!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thank Goodness for Grandma's!

Grandma to the rescue......again!!!

Yesterday, Grandma Deb took my kids and spent the day hanging out with them, which left me kidless for almost 10 hours....NICE!!!! She took them to see "Ice Age" in 3D, then she took them on a little hike up Payson Canyon to the Grotto, and then she came to pick up Dax and they ate lunch at McDonald's and spent the rest of the day at Grandma's house. Meanwhile, Morgan and I had the day all to ourselves......it was a little piece of heaven and a much needed break!! Thanks Mom, I love you!! So do my kids, they think you are GREAT!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


4th of July!!!!

4th of July just so happens to be one of our favorite holidays! It just might be the look on the kids faces as they parade their way around the island, or the smell of a hamburger sizzling on the grill, the air after a fresh rain shower, or the juicy, sweet red watermelon, the taste of homemade icecream, or the sound of fireworks booming and lighting up the sky, but whatever it is......it makes me smile and appreciate all the little things in life I get to enjoy!!! Island Park! What a beautiful place! We are so lucky we get to go each year to spend nearly 2 whole weeks relaxing, eating, watching movies, boating, eating some more, scrapbooking, exercising, playing games, visiting, oh and did I mention eating!!! Not even kidding! I mentioned exercising because if we didn't after eating all that homemade icecream and raspberry pie every night (among everything else) we just might roll home, and that is not our goal!!!! Really.....it's absolutly, positively without a doubt our families very favorite tradition we have, and we are so grateful to have the oppertunity to enjoy the cabin. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Walker!!!

Evans Family Olympics!
We split up into our own little families and had a little competitive game of the olympics! I can't say there wasn't a little, tiny bit of cheating going on, but what fun would it be if Morgan was on his best behavior??? It's just not in his nature to play fair, and lose.......especially to his brothers!! Not a chance!! We all got a good laugh out of it...let's be honest, we'll never forget that video!! I think I almost peed my pants!! Thanks for keeping us on our toes, babe!!

The mighty hula hoop contest!! You would've paid to see this! It was great! Just take a good look at them!?!

Avorie in all her garb for the olympics! Goooo Avorie!

We all had way too much fun for our own good! I am so blessed to have such wonderful inlaws! It's a dang good thing we all like each other so much because we have spent an awful lot of time together this summer, and I wouldn't change one single minute!! Thanks guys, I love you!!!

Happy 7th Birthday, Avorie!!

June 24, 2009

Oh my gosh, it's really happening. My baby girl is turning 7 years old!!! Wow!! She is litterally growing up right before my eyes!!!

This year was very different than other years for Avorie. She is my child that gets excited over weird things like going to the park, or losing a tooth. Not that those things aren't exciting, it's just when it comes to the normally super exciting holidays such as birthdays and even Christmas, she doesn't get too worked up over them.......until this year!! She was sooooo excited for her birthday, I didn't know if she would actually make it to that day without going crazy, (well, actually, let me rephrase that. I'm not sure I would make it to that day without going crazy!!!!) She was so excited she couldn't stop talking about it or asking when she could hand out her invitations. Handing out the invitations bit started um.......let me think........6 months ago!!! And I'm not kidding!! We been at this for months!! But I am sooooo glad she was finally excited about her birthday! It made me smile even though their were days I wanted to rip my hair out! J/K! You only get a birthday once a year, it should be that exciting!!! Maybe we'll start planning this next one here shortly!!!!! And we'll have 9 months to get ready! HaHa!!
I remember when I was little my mom used to sneak in my room after I had gone to sleep to decorate so when I woke up on my birthday my room was all decked out!! I loved it....so this year I started the tradition at our house. And I didn't even get a picture of it (what's wrong with me???) but I did get picture of the table I had all ready for her.....presents, cake and all! She loved it all......especially all the attention on her for her special day!! Morgan made her her favorite breakfast (Alien pancakes, thanks Denny's and Thanks Dad!!!)
Avorie gets to share her special day with her best friend, Parker!!! They were born on the same day, and they think it is just great to have the same birthday! And I have to agree! It's not very often you share a birthday with your very best friend!!! Lucky!!! This year we invited all the girls to our house and had cupcakes and opened presents, and Parker invited all the boys to his house and did the same, and we all met at the movies and watched "Up"! It was a darling show and the kids loved it! We had the whole theater to ourselves!! Way fun!!! Later that night we invited all the family over for tacos, cake & icecream, and a whole lotta fun!!! Avorie was spoiled rotten, of course, and she loved every minute of it!!!!
Happy Birthday Avorie!!! We love you!!!
Since I forgot to get picture of everything she got, I have to make a list:
A brand new pink bike
Disney Sing it (Wii game)
High School Musical 3 Dance (Wii game)
Taylor Swift CD's (Currently her favorite singer)
Hannah Montana Movie Soundtrack (also a favorite)
Jewelry, clothes and shoes (loved them! also a sign she is growing up)
Purses filled with makeup, sunglasses, and fun stuff (which she can't leave home without!)
A new swimming suit and matching beach towel, flip flops, and water bottle
Hannah Montana Design Center (Watch out Hannah, Avorie will have her very own clothing line)