Monday, March 29, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Go Green!!!

Those Leprecauns' did it again! They always get into our food and turn it green! Actually this year they made our breakfast for us, and it was mighty tasty! They also made the cutest rainbow cupcakes you have ever seen, but they somehow managed to get eaten before I got a picture of them...dangit! Maybe next year they'll last a little longer!

Lake to Lake Relay

Team "Moze"

We decided to put a team together to run the Lake to Lake Relay in St. George. We ran from Gunlock reservoir to Sand Hollow reservoir, a total of 50 miles. We had 5 of us on our team so we each ran roughly 10 miles. We started at 8:00 am and we finished at 3:15. Coming in 41st place overall out of 95, but in the women's we came in 9th out of about 35 teams. I thought we did pretty awesome!!! I got the privilege (NOT) of running the hardest leg in the race, but I did however get the satisfaction of knowing "I did it!" And that was worth it! My first leg I kicked some major trash (7:25 min. miles), but my second leg, I dare to kicked my trash!!! It was even harder than I thought it would be. I think I might just be a wimp, but trust me when I say, it really wasn't easy. Straight up a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere, with ruts all over having to make sure I didn't brake my ankle while that darn wind was doing it's best to push me right back down that hill as if saying "Eat my dust" Most of the time I was pretty sure I was running right in place. I think I literally ate so much dust, I coughed all the rest of that day and the next. I can only imagine what my lungs might have looked like covered in the red dirt. Yuck!! But I did it and it was awesome (now that it's over!)

This is a little preview of what I had to run (too bad the pic doesn't do it justice!) I swear it was worse than it looks, but that's me way over there almost to the top of that hill, only to discover another hill! Morgan got to follow me in the car, which had it's pros and cons. It was so nice to have their support and to run with my kids for a minute, but I wanted to get in the car so bad, and if Morgan would have told me to pass the lady in front of me one more time I would have said a swear word or two. It took me a second but eventually I finally passed her...yay! I did it for you, Morg!

I was the only one lucky enough to have my family there to cheer me on! It was awesome! They are my biggest fans! And the best part is....I don't have to do much to impress them. They think I'm pretty darn cool and that's all the matters!

The very best part was after the race they had an awards banquet with lots of yummy food, and we got our way cool prize for being in the "Top 10", our awesome blue bags!! They made it all worth it!! LOL