Monday, November 17, 2008

Head Wounds!!

Wow!! Walker really had a run for it this weekend!! He got all sorts of head wounds! On Friday night, we went to dinner with Zane & Bri and their family to Hunan City in Payson. Trust me when I say, they could have seen this one coming! When we got there it was nice and calm, and everyone around us was QuiEtLy enjoying their dinner, that was, until the circus showed up! Not only did we have our whole crew, 4 adults, 5 kids, and 2 babies, we also had Livvy's friend. With our kids, nothing is ever quiet & simple. It is actually sometimes embarrassing! People probably think we can't control our kids. Oh....wait! What am I talking about, most of the time I can't control my kids. That isn't true! I can control Avorie & Dax (most of the time)! Walker on the other hand, is a diffferent story! Morgan's got a pretty good hold on him, but as for me, that's yet to come! So after we ate our dinner (and saying to Walker at least a hundred times, "Please sit down, don't climb under the table. Walker, I said Sit down, stop bugging him, don't climb over the table." Yes, we are raising a monkey! At any rate, the next thing we knew, Walker and Jack had tipped the whole table over on top of them. Yes, I didn't studder, the whole table tipped over on them, and a plate came crashing down and landed right in the middle of Walker's head! Did I say, sometimes it is embarrassing?? Yeah, but I did feel way sorry for him. He was actually OK until he asked if their was blood, and I made the mistake of telling him "Yes", and then he freaked out! The cute little old man sitting next to us came over and said, "Enjoy them now, cuz one day they'll be gone." It's so the truth! So no matter how embarrassing, it was only an accident and I am so glad we didn't have to do stitches!
Then Saturday night, Morgan & I went out on a date. On the way home, our cute little babysitter, Julia Talbot, called on the phone to tell us Walker had been playing rodeo ( a favorite at our house) and his horse bucked him off right on the corner of the fireplace. His head was bleeding all over the place! Luckily we were almost home (guess we'll go to Walmart later) I was so glad to find peace when we walked through the door. He was again fine, thank goodness! We escaped the stitches once again!! Wheww!!! I think Julia was a little more freaked than he was. She was such a good sport, with blood all over her shirt!!! I sure hope after this weekend that my child doesn't have brain damage, and Julia will come back to babysit!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dax 6 months

It seems like literally yesterday I was sitting down to write about Dax at 4 months. WOW! How time flies! It really is scary, at this pace, the next thing I know, I will be sending him out the door and into the mission field! What is this all about? Doesn't the saying go:) We better treasure the small things because someday we will look back and realize, they were the big things!!! I think I've actually started figuring that one out, thank goodness!! I don't know what I would do if in a few years down the road I looked back and realized I had missed all those little things that make life worthwhile, so that is one of the many, many reasons I love my little Dax so much!!! I've seriously sat around and wondered what it is about him I absolutely adore so much! So far, a few of the reasons I could come up with are:)
#1. He is absolutely adorable!!! I mean really adorable!!
#2. He is an angel baby! Seriously!! (For instance, on Wednesday he was sick so I kept him home from daycare to spend a day with me in the salon. He didn't make a peep, not one cry, not one whimper. He sat there in his swing all day 9-4 with a little nap in between and just watched me and played with his toys! What baby does that!?! How could you not adore him!?!)
#3. He is so HaPpY!!! He waits for anyone and everyone to look his way so that he can just GRIN!!!
#4. He saved me!!!! When he was born, I realized how fast life was flying by and that my kids were only going to be little once, and I didn't want to miss it! So...... I sold the salon and cut way back on doing hair so that I could spend more time with my kids and enjoy all the little things I was missing out on! And with tears in my eyes, I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made. I L...O...V...E being at home with them! Thank You, Baby Dax!!!
He is definantly loved by all at our house. Walker won't leave him alone! I find myself being a broken record all day long as I'm constantly saying, "Walker, get off of him. Walker, get out of his face. Walker, you can't pick him up." I feel so bad because I know it's only because he loves him so much and he just wants a little friend to play with. Every morning as soon as he gets out of bed, before he really even has his eyes open, first thing he says is "Where's Baby Dax?" he just always wants to hold him. Avorie is such a big helper!! She loves to play with him and keep him entertained. She is so good at making him laugh and she loves to swing him in his Johnny Jump up! I so appriciate her help! Morgan swears that babies don't like him until they are about 6 months. So now Morgan is loving him! If any of you know Morgan and his brother, Zane, you know that they like to torment the kids and throw them around like rag dolls, and the funny thing is.....that they (the kids) absolutely love them to death! Morgan just has a way with them (I could watch him play with our kids all day long_It's one of my favorite past times) And, as for me, I could eat Dax for breakfast, seriously, and if you don't believe me, you should just watch me mug him right too death. I know one of these days (which will come way faster than I would like) he will hate it when I constantly kiss on him and tell him how much I love him, so I'm going to get in as many kisses as I can, and hopefully, just hopefully, he will always let his mom love on him!

6 Month Stats:)
Weight: 14lb. 11 oz. (10%)
Length: 24.4 in. (3%)
Head Circum: 16.75 (20%)

Happy 6 Month Birthday, D!!!!! We all love you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

St. George

This past weekend we went to St. George and stayed in the combo, the cabin, our house, or Jami's Hotel whatever it is you want to call it, but regardless, we had so much fun!! We all went down to watch Haleigh play in a softball tournament. By the way- she is awesome!!! She really knows how to play ball! They ended up taking 3rd place! Go Haleigh and the UC Diamond Girls!! In between games we found time to play and most important SWIM!!! Let me tell you, our family is made up of a school of fish! They could swim all day, everyday, and just be as happy as clams! My cute little Avorie learned how to do flips, yes flips, frontwards and backwards (Oh My!!) off the side and into the water. Talk about scare a mother to death! I just sat there cringing and hoping she didn't smack her face on the side of the pool. That would be way bad!!! She is way too brave for me! I can now see what my mom was talking about all those times when she was afraid to watch us "perform" on the tramp. She was scared we would break some body part! And now I know exactly why, I feel her pain!! But what are we to do? We survived, I guess!
We also went to see Madagascar 2, it was pretty funny (and safe!) Walker must have been all tuckered out from all that swimming because before it even began, I looked over and he was already asleep, and he slept the entire movie. Guess we'll have to go again, huh Walker? Of coarse, us girls found a little bit of time to do some shopping. It just wouldn't be a trip to St. George without a trip to the outlets, now would it?
All in all, we had a great time! Memories!! Did I mention the kids like to swim??

Look at our cute boys! Maybe someday the 3 of them will be out in the field playing ball together!

Can you say "Black Mail!?!" Jack & Walker are going to be in big trouble someday when I get a hold of their girlfriends, or their wedding videos!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Reveal!

I got a crazy whim a few months back to redo our master bedroom! It all started like this: Morgan says it's all my Mom's fault. Well, if it is, thanks Mom! I love how it turned out! So my Mom bought me a new king size bed set for my birthday. Well, we didn't have a king size bed, so of coarse, we just couldn't have a king size comforter on our queen sized bed. Afterall, we had been wanting a new mattress, right. So what a perfect excuse to get a new mattress, and therefore, a new bedroom set! Yay! Perfect, I have had my eye on one anyway! Morgan is thanking my mom, and me, for using the excuse that he might sleep better on a new mattress. Anything is better than the couch, and maybe I might get my husband to sleep by me. He thinks it was an excuse, when really I just wanted him to be comfortable!! At any rate, I found a great deal on KSL on the bedroom set I had seen at RC Willey. (By the way, I LOVE KSL!) So I got it!! Then when it came I decided I was tired of the green walls I currently had in my room, and wanted to do something totally different than anything I had in my house. My bed set was black & white so really any color would go, but I wanted something new and fresh so I chose kind of an aqua, teal blue color. The first color I chose was what you would call some sort of a disaster! It was so bright when you walked down the hall you could see a glow radiating out of my bedroom. I told my mom to bring her beach towel and join me for a day at the beach right there in my own room. Don't get me wrong, it was a way happy color, but it looked more like a kid's playroom than a refreshing, soothing master bedroom. So I had to change it! I was nervous to tell Morgan I didn't like it, but a few days later he fessed up to not liking it either, by telling me he would be glad to help me repaint it. I was so relieved!!! I finally picked the right color and got it all put back together and I love it! Our bed is huge, it makes me feel like I'm on vacation everyday!!! It's great!!!!


Well, I guess this is a sort of before picture, but not really. It's not my old furniture, or my old bedding, just basically the green walls and a little decor. But anyway...........


Here is the oops color, the oh no, what am I going to do color, the make me sick every time I go in my room color!!! And..............

The Real Thing!!

So...... What do you think?
The lighting is not very good in these pics, but hopefully you can get the idea. There are still a few more things I need to do to finish it off, but I need to find just the right thing first, so... there it is!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

October '08

We did a lot of fun activities this month so I decided it would be easier to do one big action packed, fun filled post! Are you ready?!?

CrAzY hAiR daY!!

It was Red Ribbon Week at school! So we got to have fun doing crazy hair day! I should have taken a better picture because you can't see all that good. Avorie had pony tails all over her head, Alivia had 3 ponies that were all a little different, and Wyatt was sporting a mohawk that had 5 pony tails in it! They had fun being crazy! After all it's what they do best!

Party On!

Can we just say "The Eighties Rocked" Seriously, who didn't love Fraggle Rock, Pound Puppies, The Smurf's, banana clips, pegged pants, neon colors, LA Gear, mullets, leg warmers, Scooby Doo, the music, and who could forget, Big hair!!!! Melissa Oldham had a great party and we had so much fun dressing up, but let's be totally honest here, it brought back way too many memories! When I was getting ready, I couldn't stop laughing, and Morgan told me I was having way too much fun! And I was!!! It was great!
Don't we look HOT? You know you're jealous! Let's just be glad they are memories and we don't have to look quite this good everyday!!
.......Next, we had a great FHE with Morgan's family at CornBellys! The kids' had so much fun! If any of you have not been there, it is an awesome place to your families. There is so much to do!

Corn Bellys @ Thanksgiving Pointe

Of coarse, they had to pose for a cute picture to start off our night!

There were many more picture ops along the way!!

We went through the maze, on a haunted hayride, watched the pig races (Avorie's won!), played in the corn box (that's corn instead of sand), jumped on a ginormous tramp, slid down the slides, went in the haunted dinosuar (well, everyone but my kids, they were just a little freaked out to say the least. You would have thought we were trying to kill them!) ,and we raced ducks. I'm telling you, there pretty much wasn't anything we didn't do! We had a great time!

Halloween Class Party!

I went to help do the party in Avorie's class on Halloween! The kid's are so darn cute! They were wound up like wood watches! But hey, who can blame them! Avorie was the cutest witch I've ever seen, of coarse! I dressed up like the bride of Frankenstein. The kids had no idea who I was, but they thought I looked funny, and that's all that matters. Did I mention, I love helping in her class?!?
Mrs. Bird's First Grade Class, Oops! I mean Glenda, the Good Witch!

And finally Halloween night!
Let the Trick-or-Treating begin!!

Daxs' first Halloween! Isn't he the sweetest!? I could just mug him right to death!

For that matter, I guess I have to brag, I'm sure my kids are the absolute cutest little people around! At least I think so!!!!
Happy Halloween!

The Toothless Wonder!

Well, Avorie finally lost her tooth. It seems like she has been wiggling that thing forever! She was so excited and proud! I kept her home from school because she was coughing, so while she was hanging out she couldn't keep her hands out of her mouth. Finally, it was literally hanging there and she would not pull it out, so I told her I would give her a dollar if she would let me pull it out. She thought about it for a minute, but then she declined my generous offer! I'm glad she did though, because when she finally got up the nerve to yank it out, she was so proud of herself!! Then she was so excited all she could think about was showing everyone she could think of. She kept begging to go to school and since she hadn't coughed forever and she acted totally fine, I let her go.
Now she has lost a total of 3 teeth, and she has 3 more that are loose, so pretty soon, she really will be The Toothless Wonder!!! And when that happens, she is going to be way rich. Let's just say the Tooth Fairy was really nice to her! Lucky girl!!