Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh My!

Somebody stop me!!! I just can't seem to stop eating today! You know those days when you just can't get enough......junk, that is! I have eaten way more than my fair share of calories! And I still want more. Honestly, I have eaten a half of loaf of bread (the only thing I have going there for me least it's wheat) but it's smothered in butter and homemade strawberry jam, half a slice of chocolate cake from Magelby''s rumored to have roughly 12-1300 calories in one slice (and don't you worry just last night I had the other half of that cake) add that up! That in itself holds just about the amount of calories you should have in a whole day.....let alone one slice of cake that takes roughly 5 minutes to eat. What about the rest of the day people?? Then for dinner we had breakfast including stuffed french toast, bacon and eggs. Somewhere in between I managed to have a handful of peanut butter M&M's, penny candy, a warm chocolate chip cookie, a fresh peach shake with oreos, and don't forget about my daily Dr. Pepper. I didn't know one person could fit so many sweets in in one day and not be totally sick, and the sad thing is.....I could still eat more! If I don't give up this habit soon, Morgan will be lifting me out of bed with a crane......either that or I'm bound to have some sort of health problem! Maybe I should just stop while I'm ahead of the game! Tomorrow's a new day, right? I'll be up and running at least I have that going for me! Good night!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Walker's First Day of Preschool

41/2 years old

My little Walker on his first day of his second year of preschool with Miss Natti!! Maybe I'm just a little biased, but I'm pretty sure he could pose for a cute Gap commercial or something fun!!! He has such a personality....I'm still not sure most days what to do with him, but he sure holds a special place in my heart!!!! And that I know for sure!!!!

Good Luck buddy!! Or should I say Good Luck Natti???