Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Results are In!!

My chubby bubby is climbing the charts!!! Just recently I've seriously noticed an increase in appetite in my "little" 9 month old! He loves his food, what else can I say???? He takes after his mother!! The other day I picked him up from daycare (mind you, he is there from 9-4, about 7 hours) he had drank a bottle on the way there (about 8:45) and they told me while he was there he had eaten 2 large jars of baby food, 2 8oz. bottles of milk and entire grilled cheese sandwich!! Oh my!! That is more than my 4 year old eats! It's no wonder my darling baby went from being 14lbs. 11 oz. in the 10% at 6 months to being roughly 18 lbs. and above the 95% at 9 months!! He climbed from the 10th to the 95th percentile in only 3 short months!!!! Oh my heck! He better start moving soon or he won't be able to!! Ha Ha!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

LoSt!!! Best Buddies=Big Trouble!!!

Oh my!!! What an adventure this day turned out to be!?!! My first experience of many more to come just like it, I am sure of that!!! This is sooo not what I bargained for in Heaven, it couldn't be, right???? It started out like any normal Friday morning, kinda laid back. We stayed in our jammies for awhile and then I decided it was time we got ready to run some errands. So while I was back in the bathroom getting ready I heard a little knock on the door, of coarse I knew who that would be. I listened as Walker answered the door and sure enough it was Jack's cute little voice I heard. I came out to say Hi and asked Jack if he had school today?? He told me he didn't so I told them they could finish watching the movie while I finished getting ready and then we had to leave. I walked back to the bathroom and finished getting ready. After about 10 minutes, I thought to myself, those boys are being awfully quiet, they must really be into that movie!!! I walked out into the living room, and no surprise to me, they weren't being that quiet, they were gone!!!! I didn't think anything of it because they never stay in one place that long!!! I walked out on the back porch and yelled for them, I walked downstairs and yelled for them, I walked out in the front yard and yelled for them. I looked down at Bri's house and noticed the garage door was up and I was sure they had just walked down there for a minute, like they always do. Just when I walked back in the house the phone was ringing and it was Bri asking if Jack had made his way down to our house. I told her he was just here but now they were gone, and I thought they had maybe come down to her house. She said she would look, but she didn't think they were there. I continued getting things ready to go run errands, I wasn't the least bit worried..... yet. They always turn up somewhere!!! About 5 or so minutes later, Bri came through my door wondering if they had turned up yet because they weren't at her house and she had checked up and down the street. She said she was going to get in the car and drive around the block and I told her I would check all the neighbors houses. First I walked over to Shauna Jones' to see if they had decided to play with Carter, boys. So I called Nichole Hendricks to see if they had slipped down there to either play with Lincoln or get their popsicle fix for the day! (Walker has been known a time or two maybe even three to knock on Nichole's door just to ask for a popsicle. At least he asked......right?) Anyway, no such luck. She hadn't seen them either! I, then Walked across the street to see if by some miracle of a chance they were at the Oldham's. Nope!!!! By this time I was getting a little nervous, but I still figured they would turn up somewhere, they always did!!!! I kept yelling Walker's name, hoping he would answer me. Just then Darlene Hatch stepped out of her garage and I asked if she had seen them. She had!!!! About 20-25 minutes earlier she saw them walk to the top of the street. By the was raining outside and they had no coats on!!!! I thought, where would they be going??? Meanwhile, Bri was still driving around looking for them, and our whole neighborhood was outside looking and discussing where we thoght they might be. Just then Melissa Oldham's phone rang and it was Heidi Abbott saying she had seen them kind of down by the elementary school. Michelle said she would jump in the car, find Bri, and go look for them down there. At first I was relieved, and then the thoughts of the river, and someone taking them flooded into my mind, and I was sick. Just then, the lady that apparently found them, Andrea, a friend of Shauna & Heidi's, drove up to Shauna's house. She was trying to tell me the story about how she had followed these two little boys and asked them if they knew where they lived. I was trying to listen to her, but my mind was wandering. She said something about how one of them hit her friend and told her she was a stranger. I just wasn't tuned all the way in to her story. She said the cops had them.........oh my!!!! Somebody called the police!! At that moment, Bri turned the corner with the boys!!!! I had a million thoughts going through my mind all at once. I was so glad they were OK, but I was so mad at them. What were they thinking, where were they going, where were they, who's idea was it, he was grounded for the rest of the day.....or forever, whichever came first, I loved him, I was glad to see him. WoW!!!!! When she pulled up, I grabbed Walker by the hand, thanked everyone for their help and marched him straight into our house! When I got through the door, my blood was boiling. I kicked him in the butt (Don't anybody turn me in!!! Ha Ha!!) and put him in his room. I kept asking him what he was thinking? Where we they going??? He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "We were just going to Mason's house, Mom!" I started to sob!! And I bawled and I cryed and he cryed, and I hugged him and explained to him how long we had looked for him, and that we didn't know where they were. I told him how scared I was, and that he could have fallen in the river or someone could have taken him and I would have never seen him again. I asked him if he knew what I would do if he was gone and he said, "You would be really sad." I told him he was right and that's why he could never leave me again. So, even though this is not exactly how I wanted to teach him, at the same time, I think he learned alot of lessons that day!!!
One, being never leave home without asking me first and telling me where he is going. Two, Strangers!!!! He did in fact know what a stranger was, and even though I prefer he not hit the lady, I am so proud of him for knowing she was a stranger and not to go with her!! And three, when you do something you are not supposed to, the cops will come and get you!!!! He did, in fact, take his first (and hopefully, last!!!) ride in the back seat of the police car!
I know this is only the beginning of the stunts my two little buddies are going to pull. All I have to say to myself is.......hold on, the ride is going to be bumpy!!! But worth it all the way!!!!!! I love you, Walker and Jack!!! Let's at least TRY to stay out of trouble!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mother-Daughter 70's Party!!

On Thursday night I took Avorie & Livvy to the school for a mother/daughter party! They had a blast!!! It was a 70's theme, and as you can see this is about as 70's as we get!! Nice huh??? All that matters is that the girls had so much fun, we stayed from start to lights out!! They danced their little hearts out!! And enjoyed playing with all their friends, to be quite honest I think they could have cared less that I was there except to hand out money!! Isn't that what moms are for???

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mom- Do we have school???

Lately, every single morning when Walker wakes up, before he even gets out of bed, he yells to me, "Mom.....Mom......Mom???? "
"What Buddy"
"Do we have school today?"
Then I have to quickly remember what day it is so I can let him know his plans for the day. I'm pretty sure he does this so that he can decide what clothes to put on when he crawls out of bed. Just so you all know he is worse than any girl I know when it comes to getting dressed. He has an outfit for every occasion and he changes his clothes a hundred times a day. It could almost drive me crazy!!!! Don't you worry, he could be absolutely filthy, covered in mud or dirt and he could care less, but if one tiny drop of water lands any where near him, he's off to change his clothes!!
This is a school day outfit! Probably not Walker's first choice in clothes, but most definantly mine!!!

This is Walker's favorite choice in clothes! Notice the lovely holes in the knees and his " way awesome cool belt buckle!" The other day, I had finally had it so I threw away 2 pair of his jeans that had holes in the knees. I was so careful to be sure and hide them in the trash so he wouldn't find them, just after I thought I had safely discarded of them, he noticed!!! He was broken hearted!! He told me with great big alligator tears (literally) rolling down his cheeks that they were his pants and not mine to throw away!! Talk about break my heart! But don't you worry, he found another pair!!! Not only do they have holes in the knees, they are only about 3" too short!! AwEsOmE!!!!! But hey, who cares down on the farm anyway???