Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

The Best Dad Ever!!!!
At least we think our eyes he deserves the award!
We would'nt trade you for nothin'!!!

Dad's Best Buddies!!

Let me explain this shirt......When I went to New York I brought home this shirt for Walker, and a few days later on our way to Lake Powell we stopped at a gas station in Beaver. It just happened to be Morgan's birthday! We saw this shirt and we couldn't stop laughing, and the next thing we knew Matt and Grant had bought it for Morgan for his birthday! Nice!?!? Twinners!!! Kinda?

This weekend we went to Schofield to spend Father's Day with my family at our cabin! We have been going there every summer for as long as I can remember, and now we are making it a tradition for our kids. They love it as much as we did. However, this weekend it decided to rain and rain all day long. I can honestly say I didn't mind a bit. I LOVE the rain and lately it has been doing a whole lot of it, but I have been so busy I haven't slowed down long enough to actually enjoy even though we were confined inside the cabin, I was secretly enjoying every minute of it!!! Poor Dax spent the weekend with 103- 104 degree fever! Another not so good thing we all enjoyed. There is just something so sweet about a baby with a fever. Don't get me wrong, I felt so bad for the poor kid, but what parent wouldn't love their normally not-so-cuddly baby to just lay there and love on them??? In fact Morgan said it was the best Father's Day ever because he got to snuggle with Dax all weekend long.......his best buddy!! We are glad you had a good Father's Day (we know you enjoyed us too!!! Ha Ha!!) because we, especially me, think you are the very best daddy ever!!! I am so lucky to have found you! I watch you with our kids every day, and every day you never cease to amaze me. You are so patient and kind with them. You love to teach them new things. You are the best discipliner I know how to get your point across, but you do it with pure love. I admire you so much!! Thanks for all you do for us!!!!! Happy Father's Day to you!

Monday, June 8, 2009

We will miss you, Grandpa Walker

Island Park

Last night Grandpa Walker had a stroke, and today around 4:00 he passed away. We are all going to miss him so much. Our trips to Idaho will never be the same. He is responsible for so many good memories. Thanks for sharing our very favorite summer vacation with us! We will never forget you, Grandpa. We love you!!!