Monday, July 19, 2010

Dax @ 2 years old

2 Year Stats: (6.10.10)

Height: 33 3/4'' 25%

Weight: 26.4 lbs. 25%

Head: 19" 30%

Favorite Words: Oopsies, Oh Maaaan! (Swiper the Fox), Stop Eit!

Favorite Songs: ABC's, Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree, Happy Birthday, and Wheels on the Bus

Favorite Things: Wiggle Bike, Sand Box, Outside, Stroller Rides, Dora the Explorer, and Dumping out my flour and sugar buckets (ooooooooh!!! frusterating!)

Favorite Foods: Apple Juice, Candy, Hot Dogs, Chips, and Doudans (Doughnuts)

Dax has definintly been our craziest monkey child we've had yet! I like to call him, Houdini. He can escape from anywhere at anytime. He just keeps us on our toes at all times. We love you, Dax!

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Handy Dandy Birthday!!

Dax turns 2!!

One of Daxs' favorite shows is Blue's Clues so we decided we were going to have a Blue's Clues birthday party for him this year. I even decided I would get all creative and make his cake all by myself (which --by the way--is not really something I can do) but I figured he's only 2, he'll forgive me if I mess it all up, but lucky for me, it turned out darling and the very best part is.....he knew exactly who it was!!!! I succeeded! Yay!

Every time I told Dax Happy Birthday he would look at me and tell me "Ston't" which in his language is "Stop" and "Don't" at the same time. He's really trying to get his point across!! He didn't care one single bit it was his birthday. I tried to sing happy Birthday and every time he said "No...Popki" which means Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree (his favorite song.) No matter what I said he wasn't caring. I thought he would love it when he started opening presents, but even that he didn't care about. He finally got excited about the cupcakes, his Diego big wheel, and the Zhu Zhu pet. He also loved his new stroller because his most favorite thing to do is be "Outside" and go for walks. I'd say at the end of the day.... It was a success!!

Happy Birthday Dax!!!

Wonderful Witches of Oz!

Our little Actress....Avorie as an Emerald Citizen!

Avorie spent the last 9 months going to the library every Wednesday to practice for the play "Wonderful Witches of Oz." She absolutely loved it! She got to do it with Paisley & Camryn. The 3 of them were cutest little citizens of Oz! They had so much fun! We were all way excited when the day finally came to "perform." They did it twice at the Mapleton Elementary school. They did it once for all the kids at the school and then again that night for all the parents. After their day performance I sadly have to say I was wondering what they had done every week for the past nine months, and where had all my money gone!?! We had to sit all the way in the back and we couldn't hear or really see a thing. So we were all relieved that night when things went much smoother and a whole lot better. We could actually see and hear, and it turned out to be darling. And all that matters anyway is that they had a good time! And that.... they did!
Good Job, Avorie! You did fabulous!

Avorie always gets so nervous to actually get out on stage, but you wouldn't know it by watching her. She does such a great job, always has a smile on her face, she remembers all the moves, and she dances so cute! She had to change costumes 4 times!

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day.......May 9, 2010

Once again I get to reflect back on the memories I have of my Mom. The other night I thought about all my years growing up and besides the dumb obvious times I should have gotten in trouble, I can't remember a single time my mom ever yelled and got mad at me. I mean that, really! I have the very best Mom ever!!! I also can't think of a single time when my mom wasn't there for me. She would drop anything, to do something for me. I mean everything from always having our favorite cereal, after school snacks (burritos, hot pockets, frozen pizzas or chips and queso), rides to friends' houses (even to Ellen & Amber's house a million times a day), never missing a dance class, or a cheerleading event, making sure to help with homework, and always going above and beyond the call of duty when it came to any sort of project. She came down to my room every night just to talk, no matter how late it was. I could tell her anything. She was my very bestfriend! She will never know how much all that meant to me. My mom did it all and she was always calm! Always!! She had a quiet way of making me not want to dissapoint her. I'm telling you what, if I can be half the mom she was to me, I've got it made.
She was, and still is, Amazing!!!

She was the best example of a mother anyone could have ever been so I hope I can show that same kind of love to my own kids and they will some day be able to say these same things about me. It takes a lot of patience and a special kind of love to be that kind of mom. Thanks mom for loving me no matter what! I love you!!

I appreciate these memories to help me keep going when life gets crazy and I get a little stressed, I remember what life is all kids! They are my life!!! I'm so grateful to be their mom!

Monday, March 29, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Go Green!!!

Those Leprecauns' did it again! They always get into our food and turn it green! Actually this year they made our breakfast for us, and it was mighty tasty! They also made the cutest rainbow cupcakes you have ever seen, but they somehow managed to get eaten before I got a picture of them...dangit! Maybe next year they'll last a little longer!

Lake to Lake Relay

Team "Moze"

We decided to put a team together to run the Lake to Lake Relay in St. George. We ran from Gunlock reservoir to Sand Hollow reservoir, a total of 50 miles. We had 5 of us on our team so we each ran roughly 10 miles. We started at 8:00 am and we finished at 3:15. Coming in 41st place overall out of 95, but in the women's we came in 9th out of about 35 teams. I thought we did pretty awesome!!! I got the privilege (NOT) of running the hardest leg in the race, but I did however get the satisfaction of knowing "I did it!" And that was worth it! My first leg I kicked some major trash (7:25 min. miles), but my second leg, I dare to kicked my trash!!! It was even harder than I thought it would be. I think I might just be a wimp, but trust me when I say, it really wasn't easy. Straight up a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere, with ruts all over having to make sure I didn't brake my ankle while that darn wind was doing it's best to push me right back down that hill as if saying "Eat my dust" Most of the time I was pretty sure I was running right in place. I think I literally ate so much dust, I coughed all the rest of that day and the next. I can only imagine what my lungs might have looked like covered in the red dirt. Yuck!! But I did it and it was awesome (now that it's over!)

This is a little preview of what I had to run (too bad the pic doesn't do it justice!) I swear it was worse than it looks, but that's me way over there almost to the top of that hill, only to discover another hill! Morgan got to follow me in the car, which had it's pros and cons. It was so nice to have their support and to run with my kids for a minute, but I wanted to get in the car so bad, and if Morgan would have told me to pass the lady in front of me one more time I would have said a swear word or two. It took me a second but eventually I finally passed her...yay! I did it for you, Morg!

I was the only one lucky enough to have my family there to cheer me on! It was awesome! They are my biggest fans! And the best part is....I don't have to do much to impress them. They think I'm pretty darn cool and that's all the matters!

The very best part was after the race they had an awards banquet with lots of yummy food, and we got our way cool prize for being in the "Top 10", our awesome blue bags!! They made it all worth it!! LOL

Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day!

So fun!! As a Mom I try to create traditions and memories for my kids that they will always remember and hopefully carry on with their kids. So for the past 2 years we have had our own little Valentine's Dinner as a family. Last year we ordered a heart shaped pizza, but this year I decided I would make our dinner instaed. Since Morgan & I already have our own tradition of going to Salt Lake and staying at the Little America, I decided to make this dinner all about them. Their very favorite meal is bowties with alfredo sauce so I started there.

I colored both the sauce and the pasta pink. Then we had a salad and I colored the ranch dressing pink. We had red grapes, heart shaped garlic bread, pink juice, and homemade oreos with, you guessed it, pink frosting!! They absolutely loved it! Nothing makes a mom more happy than when her kids are happy and excited! Avorie just kept saying, "Mom this is the best day ever! This is the best meal ever!" I think I had just as much fun as they did....... maybe even a little bit more. It was so much fun!

Then because Valentine's Day was actually on Sunday, we got to celebrate all weekend. We had our big, pink dinner on Saturday, and on Sunday morning I made them pink waffles with red grapes, pink milk, and bananas in the shape of a heart. I couldn't get enough of the all the fun!!

We had a great weekend! There is nothing quite like celebrating "LOVE"!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Big Race:)


This year I ran the St. George half marathon on January 23! I have done it one other time, but that was way back before Avorie was even born. Gosh, that was 9 years ago! Oh my! How time flies. I didn't realize it had been quite that long, it only seems like yesterday. So this past year I had a friend of mine ask me if I would be interested in running with her. Soon after we began running together we started making some goals to do some races this year. We started off by doing the St. George half. I seriously had it in my mind that if I could just finish the race that would be awesome! As it got a little closer I began making a little bit harder goals for myself such as at least finishing in under 2 hours, and the night before the race I laid in bed and decided I was going to finish in 1 hr. 55 min. I thought that was a pretty good goal considering I hadn't trained all that well, and the whole day before I didn't feel good at all, and I was so worried I was going to wake up sick and not be able to run it at all. I was so worried I hardley slept a wink, but much to my surprise, I woke up feeling great and ready to run my socks off!

I just started running, and I ran, and I ran, and I ran (except for the time I had to stop to go to the bathroom:() What a bummer, but I came in right on cue....1 hour and 55 min.! I couldn't have felt any better, but I can't help but think if I hadn't have stopped I could have shaved a few minutes off my time, but when you gotta go, you gotta go, and that's all there is to it! And now I have a goal for another time! It was sooo awesome!! It really is true.....that runner's high! I got it bad!

I'm back!!

It's a new year and I think I'm ready to jump back on the blogging band wagon! Even if I'm not, I have to because I just finished making a book for my family on the past year and my blog saved my life in helping me to remember all the events that took place throughout the year and when they actually happened. Without it, I might remember things but I'm positive I wouldn't remember when they happened. So thanks to blogging I now have a darling book that we can all look at, and since I'm not so good at journaling, and lately no time for scrapbooking, we still have some sort of history as to what happened in our lives this past year. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep it up and make one every year from now on!
Welcome back!