Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fast Asleep!

We have church at 1:00 and apparently that is also Walker's nap time! Lately almost every single Sunday he falls asleep, but he usually does it while laying on Morgan enjoying a back scratch! (I have to admit I get a little jealous, both of the back scratch and the nap!!!) But today was much different! Morgan wasn't there with us so I had all 3 kids by myself. Oh my!! I swear my kids know when they can act up. What am I talking about???? They know exactly when to act up, when they're Dad is not around!!! They think they could get away with murder! I try!!!! Anyway, I fought them pretty much all sacrament long (quite the entertainment for those around us! You're welcome!!! For keeping it alive!) and right before the closing prayer, Walker told me he was tired. I told him to fold his arms, and I looked over just in time to see his eyes close, for the last time!!! He must have been exhausted! Sitting straight up in his seat, he was fast asleep!!!! (He did have his little arms folded) Soooo cute! I only wish it would have been the opening prayer instead of the closing!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quiet....almost always means trouble!!!

I was doing laundry and running back and forth from the bedrooms to the laundry room, and Dax was sitting in the hall playing with some toys. I got a little distracted for a minute, but I could still hear him playing down there and then all of sudden I noticed it got really quiet so I decided that I better go check on him. It is his nap time so I half expected to find him laying there asleep.....not so. Those days have passed!!! He wiggled or rolled or somehow got himself into the bathroom, and this is what I found.........

Good thing the toilet paper roll was almost gone!!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Going on a Treasure Hunt!

Happy Birthday, Walker!

And....... it was a success!! Thank Goodness we finally settled on the "Pirate Party!" For minute I was getting really nervous when I asked Walker what kind of birthday party he wanted and he told me he wanted "A Gun Party" and for his present he wanted a knife!!! Oh boy, my 4 year old is already on his way to jail! So you can imagine I was relieved when we decided on the "Pirate Party" instead.
The kids had a lot of fun going on the treasure hunt! At the end where the "X" marked the spot they found a treasure chest full of bags, each one marked with their names. They were full of all kinds of fun "treasures." I've never seen a bunch of kids tear into a brown paper sack so fast in my life.....exciting!!!!

Brothers!!! Best Friends!!!

Thanks to Aunt Haley we had the cutest cake you have ever seen!! She is absolutely amazing!!! I seriously don't know how she does it. My brain can not function like that, she is soooo creative! This darling treasure chest only took her about 7 hours (and that's not including baking the cakes!! Three of them!) Thanks Haley! We love you!!!

I would have to say Walker's favorite part of the day by far was opening the presents!!! He just couldn't get enough, that is all he was worried about!! Then again, what kid isn't?!?
Happy Birthday, Buddy! We hope you had a fun day!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dax.....10 months!

Wow! Another month come......and gone!! Where does the time go??? And my baby.....even bigger! However, I do need to correct my last post at 9 months when I said he was in the 95th percentile. Apparently, the computer was reading his weight in kilograms which was really making him weigh around 42 lbs!!! WoW!!!! So I found out today at the doctor that he now weighs 19 lbs. 5 oz. (Chunkster) but he is only in the 15th percentile!! I'm not sure how 85% of other boys his age are bigger, but I guess so!! So according to Dr. Paxton he is little bitty!!! (Ha! Yeah, right!!!) He is just really short! Only 26 3/4 inches long, that is only the 3rd percentile!!! He better start growing!! His Dad said he is going to end up only 5 ft. tall and 250 lbs. Dr. Paxton reassured me there are alot of great linebackers with those stats!! And just because he is short now doesn't mean he will always be short!! (Thanks Dr. P!) Ooh, but he is yummy!!! Who can resist those cheeks??? He's still not crawling, but it's going to be anyday now! However:) he loves to stand, he's thinking about skipping crawling all together and going straight to running!!! Oh no! I don't know if I'm ready for that!! But go ahead, bring it on!!!!

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Happy St. Patties Day everyone!!!
Those darn Leprechauns, they turned our milk green?!? How do they do it????

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

Better late than never, right???? Valentines in March?!?

Every year for Valentines Morgan takes me up to Salt Lake and we stay at Little America! Usually we eat at Tepanyaki's and if at all possible we try to stay in the same room! It is a fun tradition we have started and something we both look forward to every year!! However, this year when we arrived at Little America, not only did we not get our same room we didn't even get to stay there. They had over booked so they sent us over to the Grand America! It was way nice, but Morgan and I both agree, we like Little America way better! So we were a little dissapointed but it was still a nice getaway!! We also ended up eating at Outback Steakhouse instead of Tepenyaki's, it was way yummy, so I guess that's ok! Maybe next year we'll get back to our same old!! We also went to the movie and saw "New in Town" We laughed so hard!!! It was great!!
When we got home we spent the spent the day with the kids! We got a heart shaped pizza, ate Valentine cupcakes (and icecream!) and watched Madagascar 2!! It was a fun weekend!!
Happy Valentines Day!!

A weekend in St. George!!

A much needed weekend in St. George was what I needed, and that's exactly what I got!! Well.....close enough, it could have been a tad bit warmer, but none the less, it was fun!!! Morgan spent the week down there doing stuff for work, so on Thursday I packed up the kids and headed down. They were so excited to swim, that is all I heard about (literally!!!) But when we got there, we found out they were doing maintenance on our pool, whine, whine, whine........and some more whining!!! So we had to switch to plan B. Swimming at the indoor aquatic center, which turned out to be way more fun anyway!! They played for hours and hours, and wore themselves right out so when we got home they had a great big nap!!! Everyone! You know it doesn't happen very often when all 3 kids end up asleep at the same time, whew hoo! So while they were asleep Morgan sent me shopping all by myself!! Fun??? Yeah, except there was absolutely nothing to buy!! So....I came home empty handed. Sad! Especially when he sent me shopping and said I could buy whatever! I guess I'll have to take him up on that another day!
It was way fun to spend time together with just our little family, that doesn't happen very often! We had a great time, thanks to Morgan who is the life of the party!! All I can say kids are very lucky to have a dad like him!!!!

A trip out to the reservoir to let the kids play in sand! Too bad it wasn't a little warmer so they could play in the water!

Avorie building a sand castle and Walker making a sand angel??

My little chunky monkey loving the water!! It makes me sooo excited for summer and the pool!!! I can hardly wait!!