Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, no! RSV

It's my first taste of RSV! How sad!! My poor sweet baby has RSV! I feel so bad, it breaks my heart! I knew Dax didn't feel good, but he is also getting his top tooth so when he had a little fever I just thought it was because of his tooth. But when I picked him up from daycare today, they told me his breathing didn't sound very good, so I came home and listened to him and decided it was time to see the doctor. As soon as I got there they took his oxygen levels and they were only at an 81. They immediatly told me they were sending him to the hospital and he would probably have to stay for a few days. Oh my!!! Then they checked his ears and told me he has a double ear infection. Poor kid!! What else does he have to go through?? I brought him home to pick up Morgan, and Zane & Morgan gave him a blessing, and by the time we got to the hospital and they suctioned out his nose, his oxygen levels went back up and they let us come home. Yay!! I just need to watch his breathing and take him back if it gets any worse. Oh, I hope he doesn't get worse, but they told me it will get worse before it gets better. He is only on day 2 and they said day 4 & 5 are the worst. I am just thankful for priesthood blessings, and for a husband who can give them! We are truly blessed!!!
What is it with doctors this last week anyway??? Our insurance is going wonder what is going on!! Dr. Riechman, Dr. Black, Dr. Paxton, Dr. Knochel, Dr. ?, Dr. Wolsey, WoW!!! Last week Morgan finally got in to see Reichman (who we think is finally going to help him, halleluah!) He sent him over to the hospital to see Dr. Black to have a bone scan and a shot of cortizone in his back. We're crossing our fingers that it at least works for a little while! Then I had to take Walker to see Dr. Paxton on Monday, only to discover another ear infection. That poor kid has had so many ear infections in his short little life. What a bummer!! At least since the second set of tubes we haven't had an infection for over a year, I so hope this isn't the beginning of another bad year with his ears! And meanwhile, I went to the mailbox and I recieved a letter from Dr. Wolsey saying he is going on a mission so I now need to find another OB. Any suggestions???? Anyone??? And finally Dax! We'll see what happens in the days to come and hopefully everyone at our house will get healthy and back on their game!!!! Until then, Peace out, Eat a pancake!!!!
Aren't those eyes so sad???
Weight:) 17 lbs. 5 oz.
8 1/2 Months old

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daxton's First Haircut!

Today Daxton got his first haircut!! He was so good, but also very curious! He watches me do it all the time, but when those clippers were coming at his head he was wondering what in the world....? He looks so adorable!!! It's not all that different, but the sides were getting long and the top wasn't quite doing the cute little faux hawk anymore so I decided it was time for a little trim!!!

You can't even see it very good, but oh well!! Look close!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daxton:) 8 Months

He just keeps doing it, getting bigger, I mean. I can't stand it! Where does the time go? I swear we are losing minutes each day! It just isn't fair, what happened to the time when we were kids when it seemed like an eternity from the time Mom put up the Christmas tree until the night when Santa would finally come? This year it seems like I got the tree up just in time without a second to spare. And somewhere in between all the hustle & bustle my baby boy grew even more! He is now 8 months old! I'm not sure how much he weighs, but I took him to get his pictures taken the other day and she put him on a little scale and it read somewhere between 16 and 161/2 lbs. He is getting so chubs! A chubby baby is a happy baby!!!! We love it! Some of his favorites right now are spitting or making any sort of noise or blowing bubbles with his mouth! He loves his tongue!!!! Waving bye-bye, scratching any surface that might make a noise, talking (Da, Da, Da) is his very favorite, but he will say Ma, Ma, Ma!! Playing with toys, and as you can imagine he loves eating! Favorites:) Club crackers (I swear he could eat an entire package in one sitting!) bananas, yogurt, toast, and of coarse, his bottle! I finally figured out why he was such a spitty baby, duh! He needed a more gentle or sensitive formula, yeah!! Now that we've switched, no more spit up!!! What a blessing!! He still isn't crawling, and to be quite honest I'm pretty sure he has no desire. He is just as happy as a clam to sit there and play with his toys and let everyone else cart him around. But hey......I'm sooooo not complaining, that's just a little bit longer I don't have to worry about the stairs or pull him out of everything!!! Dax is such an amazing baby! We absolutly adore him, I still can't figure out why I am so lucky, but..... I'll take it!!

Tell me he is just not the cutest! My friend, Sarah Ward took these pics. She did an absolute amazing job! Thanks, Sarah for capturing all these cute shots!