Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School!!

2nd Grade

Yay!!! Oops! Did I say that out loud??? It's ok, Avorie is soooo excited she can't stand it! So it's ok that I'm a little excited, right??? It's just it's a whole lot quieter around here when they aren't fighting with each other because they are bored out of their minds! Don't get me wrong.....summer is a great break and I love it, but I also look forward to being back on some sort of a schedule! So let me get a woop-woop to the new school year!!!
Avorie and Parker somehow made it into the same class again this year!! We are so excited for that! They have the cutest little teacher, Miss Guymon. We are going to miss Mrs. Bird, but I think we're on track for another great year!

I do have to say I am really going to miss having Avorie around all the time. Not only is she a great helper with Dax....she has found a new love this summer:) CLEANING!!!! You heard me right! She absolutey loves to clean and organize! She could be lost for hours and I would find her knee deep in toys downstairs happily reorganizing the bins, or scrubbing the bathrooms, or cleaning out her closet and drawers. It's a mother's dream come true!!! A child that loves a clean house!! I thought it was only a stage she was going through, but so far it's lasted all summer and into the first week of school! She is me!!! I love that I have a helper to help keep this house in order!!! Thanks Ave for helping me out!! I appreciate and love you very much!!!

You know you're getting old.....

......when you're only weeks away from you're 30th birthday, and when you are sitting in sacrament meeting and your darling, sweet 7 year old turns to you and asks, "Mom, can I draw a picture of you?" I say sure! (not knowing what was coming!!) She gets her paper all ready and draws a circle (my face) and then turns to stare at me. After a few seconds she looks back down at her paper and says, "Mmm....I need to draw some lines on your forehead." Yep!!! Not my eyes, nose or mouth, the wrinkles on my forehead. Sad, but true, even my 7 year old is noticing my age!!!! What next???

Saturday, August 15, 2009

5-6-7-8 Everybody get your dancing shoes on!!

Forever Dancing

This summer our darling little neighbor girls did a summertime dance class for all the little girls in our neighborhood. They had class every Thursday morning throughout the summer, and today they had a little recital at the church. They even made cute little costumes for the girls to wear. I would say they went the extra mile!!! It was absolutely adorable!!!! They did such a good job!! Thanks girls for all that you did!!

They danced to Taylor Swift's "Our Song", Tim McGraw's "I Like it I Love it", and Miley Cyrus' "Icecream Freeze". Avorie spent hours practicing in her room, and even taught Paisley all her dance moves!