Friday, May 14, 2010

Wonderful Witches of Oz!

Our little Actress....Avorie as an Emerald Citizen!

Avorie spent the last 9 months going to the library every Wednesday to practice for the play "Wonderful Witches of Oz." She absolutely loved it! She got to do it with Paisley & Camryn. The 3 of them were cutest little citizens of Oz! They had so much fun! We were all way excited when the day finally came to "perform." They did it twice at the Mapleton Elementary school. They did it once for all the kids at the school and then again that night for all the parents. After their day performance I sadly have to say I was wondering what they had done every week for the past nine months, and where had all my money gone!?! We had to sit all the way in the back and we couldn't hear or really see a thing. So we were all relieved that night when things went much smoother and a whole lot better. We could actually see and hear, and it turned out to be darling. And all that matters anyway is that they had a good time! And that.... they did!
Good Job, Avorie! You did fabulous!

Avorie always gets so nervous to actually get out on stage, but you wouldn't know it by watching her. She does such a great job, always has a smile on her face, she remembers all the moves, and she dances so cute! She had to change costumes 4 times!

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