Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day.......May 9, 2010

Once again I get to reflect back on the memories I have of my Mom. The other night I thought about all my years growing up and besides the dumb obvious times I should have gotten in trouble, I can't remember a single time my mom ever yelled and got mad at me. I mean that, really! I have the very best Mom ever!!! I also can't think of a single time when my mom wasn't there for me. She would drop anything, to do something for me. I mean everything from always having our favorite cereal, after school snacks (burritos, hot pockets, frozen pizzas or chips and queso), rides to friends' houses (even to Ellen & Amber's house a million times a day), never missing a dance class, or a cheerleading event, making sure to help with homework, and always going above and beyond the call of duty when it came to any sort of project. She came down to my room every night just to talk, no matter how late it was. I could tell her anything. She was my very bestfriend! She will never know how much all that meant to me. My mom did it all and she was always calm! Always!! She had a quiet way of making me not want to dissapoint her. I'm telling you what, if I can be half the mom she was to me, I've got it made.
She was, and still is, Amazing!!!

She was the best example of a mother anyone could have ever been so I hope I can show that same kind of love to my own kids and they will some day be able to say these same things about me. It takes a lot of patience and a special kind of love to be that kind of mom. Thanks mom for loving me no matter what! I love you!!

I appreciate these memories to help me keep going when life gets crazy and I get a little stressed, I remember what life is all kids! They are my life!!! I'm so grateful to be their mom!


Candice said...

Jam, you are so sweet! I love the way you put your momories into words. You are blessed with a good mom and she taught you lots cuz hearing this I know where you got your talents from! You too are an amazing mom! Your kids are lucky to have you!

Gillian Mohlman said...

Jamie you are SO pretty! Your hair is amazing