Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day!

So fun!! As a Mom I try to create traditions and memories for my kids that they will always remember and hopefully carry on with their kids. So for the past 2 years we have had our own little Valentine's Dinner as a family. Last year we ordered a heart shaped pizza, but this year I decided I would make our dinner instaed. Since Morgan & I already have our own tradition of going to Salt Lake and staying at the Little America, I decided to make this dinner all about them. Their very favorite meal is bowties with alfredo sauce so I started there.

I colored both the sauce and the pasta pink. Then we had a salad and I colored the ranch dressing pink. We had red grapes, heart shaped garlic bread, pink juice, and homemade oreos with, you guessed it, pink frosting!! They absolutely loved it! Nothing makes a mom more happy than when her kids are happy and excited! Avorie just kept saying, "Mom this is the best day ever! This is the best meal ever!" I think I had just as much fun as they did....... maybe even a little bit more. It was so much fun!

Then because Valentine's Day was actually on Sunday, we got to celebrate all weekend. We had our big, pink dinner on Saturday, and on Sunday morning I made them pink waffles with red grapes, pink milk, and bananas in the shape of a heart. I couldn't get enough of the all the fun!!

We had a great weekend! There is nothing quite like celebrating "LOVE"!!

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